Aclya Story

Aclya start with a meaningful idea: Love comes naturally without any warning signs. Sometimes couples may hurt, but the process is still sweet. The time together is always unforgettable and addictive. Therefore, Aclya, the name of the founder, is created to

The design of Aclya is the mix of modern and classic design, fashion trends and other natural elements. Aclya strive to make the most unique dream jewelry based on different aesthetic and brilliant craftsmanship. With Aclya, you can always surprise the person who is most important to your life.

From an inspiration, to hand-drawn design, to final jewelry, over 100 treatments are carried out for one piece of Aclya jewelry, and we have quality control personnel in every treatment, to make sure we offer you the flawless jewelry.


Aclya Ambassador

The pretty Boto is selected as Aclya’s ambassador due to its elegance, cleverness, kindness and intelligence. Once upon a time, the son of god violated the taboos of the divinity, fell in love with a girl in the world, and they were not accepted by the divinity and the world. Only the elf queen gave the couple a pair of spiritual copper rings, which could protect them safely crossed the sea. But the god of jealousy discovered the secret of the copper rings, picked them up and threw into the sea. The couple lost copper rings and broke up by waves. As though, they were still searching for each other with all heart until the last possible moment. A kind Boto was touched by their love. At the moment of dawn, the dolphin carried copper rings out of the sea, and let the couple to have elf queen's blessing--to be together with each other. At the first light shines on the white sand beach, the beach turned into happiness of pink. From then Boto became the patron saint of love. Legend has it that if you pray to a Boto, the love you expect will come true.

Love to Life, Romance to You.

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